Gift Cards

Receive $10 in Bonus Credit when you buy a $50 Gift Card, and be entered in our Portland Explorer Sweepstakes!


OTTO Rewards is our way of saying thank you. Earn 1 point for every dollar you spend.

  • What do I need to do to become an OTTO Rewards member?

    Just sign up for an account at and you'll be automatically enrolled in Rewards. If you already have an account, you're a member!

  • How do I redeem my Rewards?

    When you earn a reward, it will show up as Rewards credit in your account.

    If ordering online or via the mobile app, you can redeem any available credit by selecting Rewards & Promos on the payment screen.  

    If ordering via phone or in-store, just let us know that you’re an OTTO Rewards member, and we’ll make sure any available Rewards credit is applied to your order.

  • Do my points or my rewards expire?

    There is no expiration on points or Rewards credit. 

  • How do I check my balance?

    We have a few ways for you to view your Rewards status. Points balance and earned credit can be viewed in the OTTO mobile app or when logged in at

  • Are rewards good for beer and wine?

    Points cannot be awarded for beer or wine. Rewards credit may not be redeemed for beer or wine.

  • Can I earn points and redeem rewards at any OTTO location?

    Points can be earned and Rewards credit can be redeemed at all OTTO locations, excluding our Boston Logan International Airport location.

  • How do I ensure that my purchase is counting towards my Rewards?

    We have a few ways to conveniently and automatically accrue Rewards points:

    The OTTO mobile app and Online Ordering: When ordering through our app or when logged into, you will automatically receive points for every purchase. When you pass a Reward threshold, the corresponding credit will automatically be applied to your Rewards account.  

    Ordering by phone: Just let us know you are an OTTO Rewards member, and our team members will ensure you receive points for your purchase.

    Ordering at our restaurant: Just let your server or cashier know that you are an OTTO Rewards member, and they will ensure you receive points for your purchase.

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