OTTO Rewards is our way of saying thank you.

  • How do I become an OTTO Rewards member?

    In-Store: Guests can sign up for Rewards anytime at any OTTO location. Simply provide your phone number and email at the point of purchase. 

    Online During Checkout: Guests who have not signed into an Online Ordering account after completing an online order at will receive a prompt asking them to sign up for both an online ordering and a Rewards account on the checkout page. (Guests will earn points on this order if they agree.)

    Guests who have already signed into an Online Ordering account at but have not signed up for Rewards will be prompted to join the Rewards program. (Guests will earn points on this order if they agree.)

    Online Signup Page: Guests may also sign up for Rewards without a purchase on our Rewards signup page

    Digital Receipt: Guests may sign up for loyalty via a link at the bottom of their digital receipt.

  • How do I ensure that my purchases are counted towards my Rewards?

    Online Ordering: When ordering online at, as long as you are logged in to your account at the time of purchase, you will automatically earn Rewards points for your transaction. 

    Ordering by phone: Just let us know you are an OTTO Rewards member, and our team members will ensure you receive points for your purchase.

    Ordering at our restaurant: Just let your server or cashier know that you are an OTTO Rewards member, and they will ensure you receive points for your purchase.

  • How do I redeem earned Rewards?

    Online Ordering: If a guest is signed into their Online Ordering account at and has a Rewards account under the same phone number, they can redeem their rewards before submitting their order.  The guest will be prompted to Redeem Now under the Rewards header. The reward will then be applied to the cart. Note: Birthday Rewards may only be redeemed in-store. 

    In-Store or Phone Order: Let our staff know you are a Rewards member. Staff can look up your account (by email, phone number, or name). If you have earned any Rewards, staff can let you know, and can apply to your transaction. When guests pay for an order in-store with a credit card linked to their loyalty account, they will automatically be prompted to redeem their reward if they have enough points.

    Note: Loyalty points are not earned on purchases of Gift Cards.  Rewards members do earn points on purchases made with Gift Cards, however. 

  • How do I check to my point balance or view available Rewards?

    Visit our Rewards lookup page, enter your account credentials and select FIND NOW. An email will immediately be sent to you showing your current Rewards status.

    In-Store or Phone Order: Simply ask our staff if they can look up your account. They will be happy to provide your current points balance or let you know about any available Rewards in your account. 

  • Do my points or my rewards expire?

    There is no expiration on points or Rewards credit. 

  • Can I earn points and redeem rewards at any OTTO location?

    Points can be earned and Rewards credit can be redeemed at all OTTO locations, excluding our Boston Logan International Airport location.

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