Pizza is simple food. But it doesn’t have to be ordinary.

Since 2009 when we opened our first slice shop on Congress Street in downtown Portland, we’ve been striving to elevate the pizza experience. It starts with the ingredients – high quality, local when possible – and the toppings – creative and comforting. Mashed potatoes? Tortellini? Cranberries on a pizza? These are just a few of the things we tried – and they worked. “The Masher” with mashed potato, scallion, and bacon is one of our most popular pies. And people thought it was weird when we first put it on the menu.

Making simple food isn’t easy. We are continuously working to make sure every pizza is perfect and every slice unforgettable. Whether it be from one of our slice counters, or in one of our full service dining rooms, every member of our team is motivated by this goal of consistently well-executed, uncomplicated food.

  • Slice Shop 576 Congress St Portland, ME June 2009
  • Enzo Wine Bar 576 A Congress St Portland, ME April 2010
  • Munjoy 225 Congress St Portland, ME December 2010
  • Harvard Sq 1432 Mass Ave Cambridge, MA February 2011
  • Pizza Delivery Portland, ME November 2011
  • Coolidge Corner 289 Harvard St Brookline, MA April 2012
  • BU Campus 888 Comm Ave Boston, MA August 2012
  • Dining Room 574 Congress St Portland, ME November 2012
  • Pizza Delivery Boston, MA January 2013
  • Lynnfield 1210 Market St Lynnfield, MA October 2013
  • Cottage Rd 159 Cottage Rd S Portland, ME November 2013
  • Newburyport 202 Merrimac St Newburyport, MA July 2014
  • John Roberts 125 John Roberts Rd S Portland, ME December 2014
  • Yarmouth 367 Main St Yarmouth, ME June 2015
  • Arlington 202 Mass Ave Arlington, MA July 2016
  • Read St 207-358-7551 Read St Portland September 2016

Anthony & Mike

The OTTO story begins with two chefs from dramatically different culinary backgrounds united by the belief that pizza is serious food with the potential to transcend its "take-out chow" reputation by re-imagining the possibilities that exist beyond red sauce and mozzarella.

A native of Nantucket, Anthony Allen founded his first pizza shop on the island when he was 17, expanding a few years later to Martha’s Vineyard. Mike Keon worked in the galleys on fishing boats off the coast of Alaska for more than 12 years. The two met just north of Boston as the owners of neighboring restaurants. During downtimes, they’d swap stories of their culinary adventures. Like the time Anthony built a pizza oven from a scavenged 55-gallon oil drum and taught the locals in Tanzania how to make pizza. Or Mike's attempt to cook a full Thanksgiving dinner on a fishing boat in the middle of a violent storm.

With Anthony’s decades of pizza experience, Mike’s penchant for combining ingredients that aren’t necessarily obvious, and a shared drive to take a staple food to another level, OTTO was born in Portland, Maine in June 2009.

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